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22418SoundDoppler update.

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  • pa3bnx
    Feb 22, 2013
      Hello EveryBody,

      I did do some programming on my soundddoppler.exe

      It can send the packet.txt now also through
      the rs232 port or put it automaticly in the
      windows clipboard.

      Now it's very easy to get in in ctrl-p
      and displayed in APRSIS32.

      I found a VSPE program
      and I found that I can get the doppler data
      also through a vitual com port on APRSIS32


      Free Virtual Serial Ports emulator (VSPE) 32bits

      So make a pair of virtual connected comports

      Let sounddoppler.exe send packet.txt through that comport

      And create new Text port on APRSIS32.exe with no Xmit

      And it works DF plots almost realtime plottet on APRSIS32.

      The sounddoppler version 132 has a packet output through comport
      or clipboard like:

      PA3BNX>APDF01:;BNX091050*210910/5157.80N/00534.23E\000/000/167/839 %DF167°/9 0.50 Sec. SoundDoppler

      And the cse/spd/hdg/nrq is according aprs1.01 specs now.

      Every frame send through the comport has also a crlf at the end.

      I miss an option in AprsIS32 for digipeating
      from one RF port to an other RF port?

      So the doppler objects can be send also over the RF port on a other band then the band where
      I am direction finding.

      I also made a menu item in sounddoppler.exe to kill the last send df report.
      Same packet frame the * replaced by a _

      I noticed that APRSIS32.exe does gray the last DF report line
      The grey lines do slowly grey out at some rate.

      So thats very nice to delete older df reports.

      I also saw that killed objects have no icon anymore in the scroller.

      I would like to know if I can change the DF bearing line color in APRSIS32 some where in the
      aprsis32.xml file

      New I managed to get APRIS32 working through TCPIP with my SoundDoppler

      Just create a new port Type TCPIP

      Fill the portnumber to the same as in my SoundDoppler F11 menu.

      And it works.

      The new version sounddoppler132All.zip

      wil be soon dvailable on


      So happy experimenting.