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  • James Ewen
    Feb 10, 2013
      On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 2:26 PM, Mark Petiford <rv6amark@...> wrote:

      > Agreed!  I should have made it clear that I didn't mean to imply that what
      > I do is better, or take the pressure off of Lynn <grin> to consider a "data
      > entry" approach.  Just meant to provide an alternative until (hopefully)
      > that is available.  I am sure that will cause us to repeat the old thread as
      > to what format the Lat/Lon data should be in.  Oops, now I've done it!

      There's no need to have a fight over what format the lat/long should be in... the APRS specification defines the format used internally.

      However those silly users outside of the box can't get organized. So, why try and make the users change? Computers are supposed to make life easier for us. 

      Give the user 3 entry boxes for the degrees, minutes, and seconds.

      Allow the user to enter the data in whatever format is desired. If a decimal value is entered into one of the boxes, then any information (if entered) in the box(es) to the right is ignored. Your entry dialog box would look something like this:

      Inline image 1

      Data entry into the boxes could be accepted in any of the formats below













      If a decimal value is entered into the degrees entry box, and the user has also entered values into the Minutes and Seconds boxes, the data in those boxes would be ignored. Another option would be to clear and grey out the boxes to the right of a box that has a decimal entered into it to show the user that the subsequent data will be ignored. Similar action would take place if whole degrees and decimal minutes values are entered... the seconds values would be greyed out/ignored.

      With this entry method available, one does not have to worry about changing the program preferences, or converting between DDD.ddddd / DDD MM.mmm / DDD MM SS.sss to the required format before entry.

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