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22360Re: [aprsisce] Re: Questions on creating an object

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  • James Ewen
    Feb 10, 2013
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      On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 11:01 AM, KE6BB <rv6amark@...> wrote:

      > Since my hands are old and shaky, and I am usually using a laptop with a touch
      > pad, I find it easiest to drag the map to the general coordinates I am interested in
      >, and then switch to the cursor keys: UP/DOWN keys to zoom in and out, and
      > CTRL-UP, CTRL-DOWN, CTRL-LEFT, CTRL-RIGHT to move the map in small
      > increments until the coordinates match. It really takes longer to describe than
      > to do it. I can now do it faster than using the copy-paste method. Once the object
      > is positioned, I zoom in closer and check that it is where I want it. If not, I move
      > it to where it should be (separate discussion, I'm sure).

      Here in lies the problem...

      Are you creating a new object (generic term, not necessarily an APRS
      object), or trying to find out where that object is?

      Let's pretend we are all standing in front of a big map on the wall.
      There's a big X on the map which is labelled "You are here". We all
      can see that big X on the map, and it is very easy for everyone to
      understand where they are in relation to the map.

      Now someone decides that it's time for a donut... "Where's the closest
      Krispy Kreme?" they pipe up.

      Someone else says, "Half a block west of the intersection of 5th
      street, and 3rd avenue on the south side of the road."

      What happens now? Maybe some people already know where it is located.
      They are good to go, and start walking in the correct direction.
      Others might be able to visualize where the donut shop is located, but
      they still have to look closer at the map to see where it is in
      relation to where they currently are. Still others who have no
      knowledge of the area have to spend a bunch of time looking realy
      closely at the map to read the street numbers, figure out where 5th
      and 3rd intersect, and then determine how to get there from here.

      Wouldn't have been much easier for all involved if someone just
      pointed to the location on the map? Maybe even put a pushpin in the
      map for everyone to see?

      That's what we are talking about here. Someone has to know the
      location of the Krispy Kreme to start with, and then locate it on the
      map, but once the pushpin is stuck in the map, others simply have to
      look for the pushpin, and don't have to worry about looking at the
      street and avenue numbers.

      If you have the latitude/longitude values given to you, it is easier
      to simply enter the numbers into a dialog box and have the icon pop up
      on the screen at the correct location than it is to
      scroll/zoom/scroll/zoom/scroll/zoom until the coordinates display
      matches the desired location.

      Could you imagine how annoying it would be if APRSISCE/32 simply
      created a list of stations on the left, with icons and lat/long
      values, and it was up to you to have to scroll the map around to get
      the lat/long values correct, and then drag the icon and place it on
      the map?

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