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22356Re: [aprsisce] Re: Questions on creating an object

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  • Tony VE6MVP
    Feb 10, 2013
      At 11:01 AM 2013-02-10, KE6BB wrote:

      I did the same thing the first time I tried it, but then that is why I tried it in a no-pressure situation first.

      Exactly.  I figured I'd muck with this long before I ever needed it.

      >Since my hands are old and shaky, and I am usually using a laptop with a touch pad,

      I *CAN"T* stand the frigging touch pad.  I always have a mouse with me.

      >I find it easiest to drag the map to the general coordinates I am interested in, and then switch to the cursor keys: UP/DOWN keys to zoom in and out, and CTRL-UP, CTRL-DOWN, CTRL-LEFT, CTRL-RIGHT to move the map in small increments until the coordinates match.

      Oh, that's an interesting idea.  Ok, I'll try that.   James, could you update the Wiki to include this technique.

      > If it is a location that isn't on a map (such as a farmhouse), I switch to MapQuest Aerial maps

      I'm a bit confused here.  Do you switch to these maps from within APRSIS32?  Or do you use these externally in a web browser?

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