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22351Re: Questions on creating an object

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  • KE6BB
    Feb 10, 2013
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      Read James' response first. I might add a couple of tips:

      > That's
      > kind of unfriendly without giving me more of an explanation. Adding
      > some text like "You must position the screen centre to create an
      > object." would be nice.

      I did the same thing the first time I tried it, but then that is why I tried it in a no-pressure situation first. I had the same learning curve with UI-view, but it had a fabulous help system for EVERY screen, which was really nice. (I am NOT going back though!!!)

      > 2) In this particular instance I wanted to create an object that is a
      > farmers house which is an HF contest station. All that you can see
      > on the map is grid roads. I have the lat long from some raw APRS
      > packets last night and I just wanted to copy and paste those in.

      Since my hands are old and shaky, and I am usually using a laptop with a touch pad, I find it easiest to drag the map to the general coordinates I am interested in, and then switch to the cursor keys: UP/DOWN keys to zoom in and out, and CTRL-UP, CTRL-DOWN, CTRL-LEFT, CTRL-RIGHT to move the map in small increments until the coordinates match. It really takes longer to describe than to do it. I can now do it faster than using the copy-paste method. Once the object is positioned, I zoom in closer and check that it is where I want it. If not, I move it to where it should be (separate discussion, I'm sure). If it is a location that isn't on a map (such as a farmhouse), I switch to MapQuest Aerial maps and find the item in their "photo-maps" and move the object using those maps. If you zoom in far enough, you will be moving in such small increments that you will be smaller than the smallest increment available, so the object will not move. Can't get any better than that without resorting to techniques beyond this discussion!

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