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22320Re: [aprsisce] a couple of questions

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  • kc8sfq
    Feb 7, 2013

      > A properly configured WIDE2 digipeater will respond to WIDE1-?
      and WIDE2-?
      > requests.

      Does that mean that my system is requesting WIDE1-1 AND WIDE2-1 with every packet?

      >So, a two hop request doesn't mean only two repeated packets. It means I want two
      > different digipeaters that hear each other to repeat my packet.
      > Clear as mud, right?

      Well, yes, thank you. It IS clearer than it was. I'll make that change before tomorrow morning's drive. Do I need to go back into the config menu and change it to request more hops when I go outside our well covered local area.

      Thanks and 73, KC8SFQ  Ron
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