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21864Re: Windows Mobile platform expiring

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  • ve7mdt
    Jan 13, 2013
      I haven't been here for quite a while now, but I come back from time to time.

      Personally I have moved to iPhone and now Android, but I have kept 3 Windows Mobile devices, while one can run APRSISCE and the other two are 2003 SE so they cannot run it.

      As far as I know, there are no Windows Mobile 7 out there. Latest version of Windows Mobile is 6.5, and probably 6.5.3 seems to be the very last of it. After that, they are Windows Phone 7 (and now Windows Phone 8), both totally different beast. (I don't know if Lynn will port to this platform instead of Android?).

      Too bad your employer is going to block WM. I don't see how newer platforms are that much more secured, may be except Blackberry.

      Yes, I found this app very good and advanced, and not only that, Lynn seems to be the most hardworking, engaging, and open and supportive, among all the devs. Kudos to him!

      Do you have cellular data? You could tether your iPaq to your cellphone via WiFi, Bluetooth (USB could be harder), so you don't have to rely on your company's network? Or they won't even allow you to bring the device to work at all? (Like some of those ultra sensitive workplace perhaps?).

      I guess that means you might have to carry 2 devices. I usually carry more than that, but I know many people who hate carrying too many devices.

      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, Greg D wrote:
      > Hi Lynn,
      > Just to let you know... My employer has informed us that they will stop
      > allowing a bunch of mobile devices to connect to the network, due to
      > security concerns. This includes Windows Mobile 5, 6.x, and 7
      > (already!). They're targeting May, 2013, and claim that this will not
      > simply be a passive "won't support" sort of thing; they're claiming that
      > the devices will be actively blocked.
      > I've been using my trusty iPAQ (Windows Mobile 5) for several years now,
      > partly because it integrates well with my employer's services (email &
      > calendar), and partly because of APRSISCE. So, I'll need to figure out
      > how to do both on Android.
      > So, just letting you know... The move to Android isn't only about not
      > being able to purchase a suitable phone; the older devices are becoming
      > increasingly difficult to use.
      > You've stated that the next platform for APRSISCE will be Android...
      > Any idea what sort of time horizon that will be? It's the best APRS
      > client I've found, and will hate to leave it behind when I'm forced to move.
      > Thanks,
      > Greg KO6TH
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