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21850DSP SoundDoppler Advice

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  • pa3bnx
    Jan 12, 2013
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      Hello EveryBody,

      Today I bought/used an inexpensive Euro 28

      USB soundcard U-Control UCA202 Behringer.com

      Unfortuality it was not sensive enought
      It needs about 1 Volt eff for the line inputs
      so I build on matrix pcb 2 audio pre amplifliers
      with 1 transisto bc547 in each channel.

      Now I had gain enough.
      These circuit uses about 2 mA at 12 volt.

      The fun is that I can have two SoundDoppler.exe running on
      one PC with two scanners and two antenna arrays.

      And this al displayed on MyMapping.exe

      I found out that it is handy to have more colors arrowpoints
      so I can see on the map and stationairy from wich doppler the arrow came.

      So I have now a red, yellow and magenta arrows.
      Red MyOwn, Yellow MyAlias and other Callsigns Magenta.

      I did also work today on my New Arduino Uno board to
      create a SoundDopplerGenerator with softwitching
      and pre and post decay control signals for the
      switcher diodes.

      So the packet.tx file or df-report
      should have maybe also a setting for the destination field
      like APDF01 APDF02

      It can ofcource also have a callsign alias with a ssid

      Don't now yet how to do that in SoundDoppler.exe.
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