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21820Re: [aprsisce] Re: APRSIS32 Passcode

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  • James Ewen
    Jan 8, 2013
      On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 1:18 PM, Steve Daniels
      <steve@...> wrote:

      > Might well be the issue James it’s been that way a long time I would
      > think. Now change to the correct email address and a link to the passcode
      > page on the wiki added.

      Hey, my rant got something happening. Interesting that no one
      previously had mentioned that the welcome message said to ask here...
      I haven't signed up to the group for an awful long time otherwise I
      would have mentioned it!

      > It’s a plain text file so I don’t think I can make the text Bold sadly

      I figured out how to get blinky text in the wiki! Quit using excuses! 8)

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