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21798Re: APRSIS32 running under WINE

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  • jandgandjochem
    Jan 7, 2013
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      Bumped up the list as I am still hoping to get this to work.

      APRSIS32 runs very well on my MACbook Pro under WINE but I cannot get the KeySpan USB to serial adaptor working. I have the Kenwood D710 hooked up in PACKET mode but when I configure the port for the D710 and then go to enable that same port it is "Greyed Out".

      When I run a terminal program (Z-Term) it talks happily with my D710 and I can put the D710 in KISS mode etc. Whilst hooked up to the terminal program I can see all the APRS station received via RF in the terminal window.

      Just cannot get the D710 port working under APRSIS32.

      Still hoping for a solution here as others have done it. Trouble is I know nothing about WINE or any setting associated with my problem.

      Hope someone will be able to guide me here,

      Thanks in advance,

      Gerard VK2JNG

      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "jandgandjochem" wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > With the help of this website: http://www.davidbaumgold.com/tutorials/wine-mac/
      > All credit to David Baumgold, the owner of the site.
      > I got APRSIS32 running nicely under WINE on my MacBook pro.
      > The thing I do not know how to get going is my Keyspan USB to serial converter so that I can hookup my D710.
      > I have the Mac drivers for the Keyspan installed on my Mac (not under WINE) and the Keyspan converter is working fine when I use a terminal program to talk to my D710 in packet mode.
      > However, I don't know how to get the Keyspan converter working for APRSIS32 when running under WINE.
      > Can someone shine some light on this which would be very much appreciated.
      > Thanks
      > Gerard VK2JNG
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