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21498RE: [aprsisce] APRIS32 Transmit stops Kenwood D710 from decoding packets.

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  • Adam Mahnke
    Dec 20, 2012
      I'm not sure where in the port log the transmitting would be. and I didn't capture the transmit log while I was doing it. I'll be back out in about an hour to pick up harmonics from sports, maybe I can capture it then.


      To: aprsisce@yahoogroups.com
      From: tony@...
      Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 17:05:50 -0700
      Subject: RE: [aprsisce] APRIS32 Transmit stops Kenwood D710 from decoding packets.

      At 04:47 PM 2012-12-20, Adam Mahnke wrote:

      Port(D710 APRS):2012-12-20T23:31:50.482 Command[4]:TC 0
      Port(D710 APRS):2012-12-20T23:31:50.482 Output[5]:TC 0<0D>
      WinMain:2012-12-20T23:31:50.521 Waiting at line 2843
      Port(D710 APRS):2012-12-20T23:31:50.583 Command[2]:^M
      Port(D710 APRS):2012-12-20T23:31:50.583 Output[2]:<0D 0D>
      Port(D710 APRS):2012-12-20T23:31:50.609 CmdResp[8]:cmd:cmd:
      Port(D710 APRS):2012-12-20T23:31:50.609 Command[5]:LTM 0
      Port(D710 APRS):2012-12-20T23:31:50.609 Output[6]:LTM 0<0D>
      WinMain:2012-12-20T23:31:50.621 Waiting at line 2843

      And here is my log when I attempted to send an RF message.  So my TNC is not behaving as expected by Lynn.

      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-20T23:52:24.454 Kenwood[91]:ELKPNT>APOT21,LLOYD,WIDE2*:!5359.72NS11049.27W#CNT00000 PHG4530/W2,  ABn,  Elk Point VE6SRV
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-20T23:52:34.402 Command[4]:TC 0
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-20T23:52:34.402 Output[5]:TC 0<0D>
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-20T23:52:34.465 Command[3]:^M~
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-20T23:52:34.465 Output[1]:<0D>
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-20T23:52:35.479 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(^M~!cmd:!1)

      Hmm, now this interesting.  I restarted APRSIS32 and it started processing the incoming packets.  In the past it just locked up.

      Now where in your log does it actually do the transmitting?  Or is that down a ways past the part you pasted?

      At this point I'm going to do a factory reset, or whatever it's called and reload my memory settings that I had from a month or two ago.  But that won't happen for an hour or two and maybe not today.


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