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21488Re: [aprsisce] APRIS32 Transmit stops Kenwood D710 from decoding packets.

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  • Tony VE6MVP
    Dec 20, 2012
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      At 12:42 AM 2012-12-19, Tony VE6MVP wrote:

      The Kenwood is not transmitting.  I've carefully watched the D710 screen when I hit Transmit or a Send on a Message.   That said I did loosen and tighten the antenna connections.  I reseated the D710 head and body cables.   No difference.

      I then switched to using RMS Express to a Winlink 2000 VHF node on a local repeater.   Which has worked a few months ago.  RMS Express knows about D710s.    I see it changes the TNC from APRS12 to PACKET12 and then it states TNC not found.   However I can't see a setting to view a detailed log of exactly what commands it is sending to the TNC.

      So it's possible APRSIS32 is sending a command of some sort that is causing the D710 TNC to lockup.   Now this very well could be that I changed a setting in APRSIS32 but I, now, don't recall what it is.   I know I didn't change any settings in the D710 but, of course, I have changed some now.

      So if anyone else is running APRSIS32 as an igate and a Kenwood D710 could they duplicate the scenario and post their Kenwood port log so we can compare.

      Also on APRSIS32 startup I see several unrecognized command messages coming from APRIS32.   So if someone could post their startup log that might also be useful.

      Thanks, Tony VA6OO

      When I click on Transmit in APRSIS32 I see the following in the port log.    Then the Kenwood  D710 TNC stops decoding packets on the D710 display until I do a power off/on cycle on the D710 radio.  Whereupon the D710 starts decoding packets and sending them to APRSIS32.

      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:21:39.590 Kenwood[85]:INSFRE>APOT30,ELKPNT,VERMLN,WIDE2*:!5322.58NS11131.71W#PHG3530\W2,AB7,Innisfree VA6BF
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:21:41.836 Kenwood[79]:INSFRE>APOT30,LLOYD*,WIDE2-1:!5322.58NS11131.71W#PHG3530\W2,AB7,Innisfree VA6BF
      >>>>   I hit the transmit menu item.
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:22:36.436 Command[4]:TC 0
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:22:36.436 Output[5]:TC 0<0D>
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:22:36.499 Command[3]:^M~
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:22:36.499 Output[1]:<0D>
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:22:37.513 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(^M~!cmd:!1)
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:23:56.651 Kenwood[14]:KWXIMON  was 0
      >>>>> Several packets were received but not displayed on the D710 or received by APRSIS32
      >>>>> power cycle D710
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:24:06.402 Kenwood[98]:VE6RHS>APWW10,CHPMAN,INSFRE,WIDE2*:/002400h5331.82N/11326.74W_031/000g000t-00r000p002P000h66b00000
      Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:24:12.096 Kenwood[94]:BICHE>APOT21,ELKPNT,WIDE2*:!5446.95NS11213.12W#CNT00000 PHG4530/W2,  ABn,  Lac La Biche VE6SRV

      I have hit the Transmit button a number of times in the past few months and the local digis have happily sent back my beacon.    But not now.  This also happens when I go to send an APRS message which I've done lots of although not in the past few weeks.   Restarting APRSIS 32 does not help and there is a very similar if not identical message at the bottom of the port log.

      Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

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