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21456RE: [aprsisce] APRIS32 Transmit stops Kenwood D710 from decoding packets.

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  • Adam Mahnke
    Dec 20, 2012
      KC2ANT> Responses inline

      To: aprsisce@yahoogroups.com
      From: tony@...
      Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 16:46:10 -0700
      Subject: RE: [aprsisce] APRIS32 Transmit stops Kenwood D710 from decoding packets.

      At 04:16 PM 2012-12-19, Adam Mahnke wrote:

      for PHYSICAL ports on the D710 there are two, for communication with APRSISCE/32 you would be connected to the one on the back of the display panel(COM Port), which you said you have done. The one on the radio body is for memory programming (PC Port).

      Right.  And if you go back to the log I posed in my original email you will see some APRS packets which were received by APRSIS32.  Which would not have been the case if the D710 port in use was the one on the body.    I have been running APRSIS just fine for several months.   This behavior is new and might've been caused by me changing some setting somewhere and not recalling exactly what it might've been.

      KC2ANT>It may be time to start over again. I know I had to do that a couple of times when getting the D710, and my TS2000 working. 

      In APRSISCE32 Configure->ports->New

      KWD710(APRS) automatically puts the D710 into it's Native APRS mode, and allows APRSISCE32 to receive and decode packets from the D710 and display them, as well as gate them to the IS stream if that is set up.

      I just went to the port in APRSIS and it is indeed KWD710(APRS)   as well as 9600 8N1.


      I was curious as to what mode the D710 TNC was in when you first launched the APRSISCE32 program,

      I have no idea how you would tell what mode the TNC is using which of the 50 or 100 icons or so.  The only relevant one I know states APRS12.

      KC2ANT>IIRC there are three options, Packet; APRS12; APRS96. If you're showing APRS12 then the D710 is in APRS mode, and the 12 indicates the 1200 baud for RF packets, which is also correct

      You'll see a caution on the above referenced wiki page that says it can be confusing using APRSISCE32 to control a D710 in APRS mode, and while I may be mistaken, I think that is the case with your set up, of course I may be wrong. (it does happen quite often, but that's how I learn)

      I didn't realize that web page existed.  I hooked up my D710 and it has been working just fine for a number of months.

      If you chose the KWD710(APRS) option, the D710 handles all APRS functions, APRSISCE32 is a very handy display tool, but it should not be used for controlling beacons through the radio (by hitting transmit) It can confuse the D710 TNC and cause issues.

      But you also need APRIS32 to be able to acknowledge messages.  Which it has been doing just fine for months so I would think I need that capability.

      KC2ANT>I don't think that's correct. While there is a way to set up messaging with APRSISCE32 with the D710 in APRS mode, there is other things that you have going on here. APRSISCE32 does not HAVE to ack messages, that's what the radio is for. 

      Now one difference is that I do have Beacon checked whereas that page does not.   I'm pretty sure I've had Beacon checked for a long time but who knows.  I'll turn that off and see if it makes a difference.

      KC2ANT>I'm thinking that's what's happening, is you're hitting transmit on APRSISCE32 and the port for your D710 is enabled for beaconing, which it shouldn't be. All RF beaconing should be handled by the radio alone.

      The other possibility that I have in mind is that the com speed setting not being the same between APRSISCE32 and the D710, so the radio is receiving something, but then it can't read the rest of it so it has no idea what to do.
      Please refer to the attached "Port Configuration.jpg" and menu #528 under AUX and make sure that they are the same.

      They were both set to 9600 bps.

      KC2ANT>That's a good thing.

      ok, Couple of other suggestions/questions.

      First, turn off beaconing for APRSISCE32. Next, in your port settings for the D710, make sure that beaconing is unchecked, or disabled.

      Can you screen shot your port setting screen for the D710 and share them with us?
      What is your end goal for your set up? D710 doing it's thing with APRSISCE32 as a display? D710 doing it's thing but being message capable? Full functionality of APRSISCE32?

      Also, when using the D710 in conjunction with APRSISCE32 do you have internet access? are you planning to use it as an IGate for packets/Messages?

      How have you made out after turning beacon off? any luck? what I'm thinking is happening is APRSISCE32 is attempting to take over control of the radio's TNC and causing it to fail, that caution is on that page that I gave you. The wiki has a LOT of information on it.

      Good luck,

      PS FWIW I run my D710 mobile with APRSISCE32 all the time and it works great. I normally use the D710 in APRS mode, and there is a way to get APRSISCE32 to handle messaging along side the D710, but lets get your beaconing thing straight before we start down that path.
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