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21434RE: [aprsisce] APRIS32 Transmit stops Kenwood D710 from decoding packets.

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  • Adam Mahnke
    Dec 19, 2012

    Lets start over again.  Please reference http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/port:kenwood-tm-d710 as I go through my understanding of how APRSISCE32 interacts with a D710.

    for PHYSICAL ports on the D710 there are two, for communication with APRSISCE/32 you would be connected to the one on the back of the display panel(COM Port), which you said you have done. The one on the radio body is for memory programming (PC Port).

    In APRSISCE32 Configure->ports->New

    KWD710(APRS) automatically puts the D710 into it's Native APRS mode, and allows APRSISCE32 to receive and decode packets from the D710 and display them, as well as gate them to the IS stream if that is set up.

    KWD710(Pkt) Automatically puts the D710 into Packet mode, which puts APRSISCE32 in full control of the radio's TNC, as it would any other Radio/TNC combination.

    I was curious as to what mode the D710 TNC was in when you first launched the APRSISCE32 program, AND which of the above KWD710 choices you'd chosen when setting up the new port. Please refer to attached "New Port Screen.jpg"

    You'll see a caution on the above referenced wiki page that says it can be confusing using APRSISCE32 to control a D710 in APRS mode, and while I may be mistaken, I think that is the case with your set up, of course I may be wrong. (it does happen quite often, but that's how I learn)

    If you chose the KWD710(APRS) option, the D710 handles all APRS functions, APRSISCE32 is a very handy display tool, but it should not be used for controlling beacons through the radio (by hitting transmit) It can confuse the D710 TNC and cause issues.

    If you chose the KWD710(Pkt) then the D710 display will not decode and display any received packets, and ALL APRS function will be handled by APRSISCE32.

    The other possibility that I have in mind is that the com speed setting not being the same between APRSISCE32 and the D710, so the radio is receiving something, but then it can't read the rest of it so it has no idea what to do.
    Please refer to the attached "Port Configuration.jpg" and menu #528 under AUX and make sure that they are the same.

    There may be more going on here, but without knowing what your end goal of what your set up desires are, it's hard to help you get there. (for me anyway)

    Hopefully this makes more sense then my last attempt at a reply.


    To: aprsisce@yahoogroups.com
    From: tony@...
    Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 11:23:15 -0700
    Subject: RE: [aprsisce] APRIS32 Transmit stops Kenwood D710 from decoding packets.

    At 05:08 AM 2012-12-19, Adam Mahnke wrote:

    Which of the 2 D710 ports are you using?

    The APRS one allows the D710 to stay in it's native APRS mode and still send packets to aprsisce/32 for display.

    The packet mode turns the D710 into a radio with TNC and the D710 won't decode anything.

    Which two parts are you talking about?    The physical ports one of which is in the radio body and used to program the memory channels and the other which is in the head and is the TNC?    If so I'm hooked up to the TNC port in the head. 

    Or do you mean there are two COM ports in Windws?   Which there aren't.

    Or do you mean something else?

    Can you share your radio settings at start,

    So you want me to go through every menu item on the D710 and write them down?

    your port configuration choices for aprsisce32, to include the kwdD710 port style you've chosen.

    9600 bps and 8N1 if that's what you mean.

    And then what is displayed on the radio face after transmit with aprsisce32

    Which if the 100 or so icons are you specifically interested in?


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    From: Tony VE6MVP
    Sent: 19 Dec 2012 07:43:37 GMT
    To: aprsisce@yahoogroups.com
    Subject: [aprsisce] APRIS32 Transmit stops Kenwood D710 from decoding packets.



    When I click on Transmit in APRSIS32 I see the following in the port log.    Then the Kenwood  D710 TNC stops decoding packets on the D710 display until I do a power off/on cycle on the D710 radio.  Whereupon the D710 starts decoding packets and sending them to APRSIS32.

    Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:21:39.590 Kenwood[85]:INSFRE>APOT30,ELKPNT,VERMLN,WIDE2*:!5322.58NS11131.71W#PHG3530\W2,AB7,Innisfree VA6BF
    Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:21:41.836 Kenwood[79]:INSFRE>APOT30,LLOYD*,WIDE2-1:!5322.58NS11131.71W#PHG3530\W2,AB7,Innisfree VA6BF
    >>>>   I hit the transmit menu item.
    Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:22:36.436 Command[4]:TC 0
    Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:22:36.436 Output[5]:TC 0<0D>
    Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:22:36.499 Command[3]:^M~
    Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:22:36.499 Output[1]:<0D>
    Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:22:37.513 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(^M~!cmd:!1)
    Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:23:56.651 Kenwood[14]:KWXIMON  was 0
    >>>>> Several packets were received but not displayed on the D710 or received by APRSIS32
    >>>>> power cycle D710
    Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:24:06.402 Kenwood[98]:VE6RHS>APWW10,CHPMAN,INSFRE,WIDE2*:/002400h5331.82N/11326.74W_031/000g000t-00r000p002P000h66b00000
    Port(KwdD710):2012-12-19T07:24:12.096 Kenwood[94]:BICHE>APOT21,ELKPNT,WIDE2*:!5446.95NS11213.12W#CNT00000 PHG4530/W2,  ABn,  Lac La Biche VE6SRV

    I have hit the Transmit button a number of times in the past few months and the local digis have happily sent back my beacon.    But not now.  This also happens when I go to send an APRS message which I've done lots of although not in the past few weeks.   Restarting APRSIS 32 does not help and there is a very similar if not identical message at the bottom of the port log.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


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