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21408Re: [aprsisce] APRIS32 Transmit stops Kenwood D710 from decoding packets.

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  • Kai Gunter Brandt
    Dec 19, 2012
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      The TM-D710 native hack i found that Lynn implemented could in some
      cases confuse the radio.

      i.e if some program sends the TC command to disable TNC mode and enter
      control commands and this is for some reason not "undone" you are not
      seen anything on the radio display.

      BTW the native hack could also be implemented on the TH-D72 and also
      TH-D7/TM-D700 but for those versions there are actually native APRS
      commands so that software developers doesn't have to think about
      "tricking" the radio.

      Kai Gunter
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