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21293Re: [aprsisce] UK Ballooning Regs

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  • James Ewen
    Dec 9, 2012
      On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 2:58 PM, Colin XSD <m0xsd@...> wrote:

      > Don't forget there is nothing stopping the 'General Public' from using the
      > UHF ISM/LPD frequencies within the rules some of which happen to be in our
      > 70cm band (on for instance 433.800MHz which happens to be our UHF APRS
      > frequency).

      Being one to always want to stretch the rules, this is interesting to me.

      What limitations are there for use of the ISM/LPD frequencies?
      Foremost is probably power limitations...

      Can you use FM modulation? Can you use a protocol such as APRS? Is
      there a specification for identification?

      FRS frequencies here in North America require no callsigns, but I can
      call myself "Big Bubba" if I want. I could also use a random
      collection of letters and numbers as well... maybe a random collection
      like "VE6SRV". There would be nothing illegal about that. Obviously
      the FRS frequencies don't overlap the amateur band, but I'm currently
      just talking about identifying a station when identification is not

      If you can legally operate on 433.800 MHz as part of the general
      public, and happen to use a protocol that others are using on that
      frequency (APRS), and use a random callsign, what can they do?

      How would OFCOM prove that you were operating as a licensed amateur
      rather than a member of the general public?

      Use a tactical callsign, and if you want put your amateur callsign in
      the comment.

      The problem over here would be if amateurs tried to communicate with
      the non-licensed station. We are prohibited from doing so. However,
      the unlicensed station transmitting on 433.800 would not be attempting
      to communicate with amateurs, but rather transmitting in the blind.
      Amateur radio stations on the ground would just happen to hear and
      i-gate packets from the airborne unlicensed station. Reception is not
      a crime.

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