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21279Re: [aprsisce] UK Ballooning Regs

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  • Bob Burns W9RXR
    Dec 8, 2012
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      At 09:03 PM 12/8/2012, James Ewen wrote:

      >Trying to replicate every bit of information available in every wiki
      >on the internet in every other wiki is a lot of replicated work.

      A man with two non-identical clocks really doesn't know what time it
      is. Either or both of his clocks could be wrong.

      Same goes for information on the Internet. Unfortunately, the more
      times it's duplicated, the greater chance of somebody being wrong or
      out of date.

      We've discussed in the past that this group should focus on
      APRSISCE/32, how to use it, and how it can be used within the large
      sphere of APRS. I have the same opinion of the APRSISCE/32 Wiki.
      Let's keep it focused on how to use the program.

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