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21278Re: [aprsisce] UK Ballooning Regs

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  • James Ewen
    Dec 8, 2012
      On Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 4:16 PM, Steve Daniels
      <steve@...> wrote:

      > I got asked by an American APRS hardware manufacturer to clarify UK regs
      > as they were getting requests for hardware for balloons but conflicting info
      > on what was and was not legal.
      > I hope to add a ballooning page to the wiki, which I hope James will
      > contribute to, is it worth me adding UK info to it, or doing a post here, or
      > none of that

      Well, this reflector is for support of APRSISCE/32, and the wiki is
      for describing the functions and operations of APRSISCE/32. Balloon
      specifics as far as hardware and regulations are concerned really
      aren't germane to this reflector, nor the wiki. We can of course add
      information about using APRSISCE/32 for chasing and recovering

      Specifics about UK regulations should probably end up in a more
      generic information repository. The main APRS wiki has a page for
      ballooning. A subpage off of that page which details the UK
      regulations would be a good place for the information. A hotlink from
      the ARHAB page linking to the APRSISCE/32 specific balloon tracking
      page would tie things together. A link from the APRSISCE/32 balloon
      tracking page to the ARHAB page would get people to the right


      Trying to replicate every bit of information available in every wiki
      on the internet in every other wiki is a lot of replicated work.

      Generic information about general subjects belongs in the main wiki,
      and then specific information about APRSISCE/32 belongs in the
      APRSISCE/32 wiki.

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