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21271RE: [aprsisce] Re: APRSISCE/32 on HamNation

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  • Ed Johnston
    Dec 7, 2012
      I received this from Julian on Ham Nation

      The video was edited by the the person who created it, Tony Milluzzi. When a
      viewer submits a video, we do nothing to it, except suggest changes, when/if
      appropriate, to make sure it fits our format.

      Everyone is welcome to submit videos for Ham Nation... In fact it is
      actively encouraged! We ask only that they be recent videos, and of general
      interest to amateur radio operators. All videos must adhere to the
      guidelines, which can be found here:



      Julian Frost, N3JF
      Ham Nation

      ~ Ed

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      Of Steve Daniels
      Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 4:34 PM
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      I thought KD8RTT did a good job, not sure why you would want to connect to a
      scanner unless you were an SWL or doing a Balloon etc. and I did not pickup
      it was a scanner.
      I don't know if he is part of the Ham Nation Team or a submitted video.
      Either way it's a good promotion of APRSISCE/32.
      If I had a half way decent video camera I would do something.
      Not sure what level the site aims at as only just found out it existed

      Steve Daniels
      Amateur Radio Callsign G6UIM
      Torbay Freecycle Owner
      APRSISCE/32 Beta tester and WIKI editor http://aprsisce.wikidot.com

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      Sent: 08 December 2012 00:12
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      Subject: Re: [aprsisce] Re: APRSISCE/32 on HamNation

      On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 4:24 PM, Steve Daniels
      <steve@...> wrote:

      > Since they ask people to send in videos I suggest Julian's gets sent
      > in with his permission of course, or someone creates another.

      Is Ham Nation a show where you get in depth instructional videos, or should
      it be more focused on a general knowledge level video? This video only had
      APRSISCE/32 included as it was required to act as the i-gate. It glossed
      over a whole lot of stuff. Quite possibly much of that was edited out by Ham
      Nation for all we know.

      > I could understand a UK amateur creating an RO igate but not an American.
      > Am guessing he did not want to show getting the radio to key up for
      > transmit.

      That would have been a lot of technical discussion since a scanner doesn't
      have TX capability.

      > It would probably have been better to have connected a TNC with a
      > mention that software modems could be used.

      Yes, that would have been a great addition...

      > Still it's got the word out and was well made

      There's a key part of the whole concept. KD8RTT actually did something, and
      APRSISCE/32 got a mention out of it.

      If someone were to create a video showcasing the general features of
      APRSISCE/32, I'm sure that would get included in a segment of Ham Nation.

      Maybe a weekly or monthly segment which showcases different parts of the
      APRSISCE/32 program in slightly more detail. Segment 1, what is
      APRSISCE/32... segment 2, how the maps work... segment 3 setting up a
      TNC/soundcard... etc.



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