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21178Re: [aprsisce] Transatlantic Balloon attempt today

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    Dec 2, 2012
      APRSISCE/32 treats objects based on their owner and stations as owning themselves.  Prior to launch, someone (I noticed, but forget who) beaconed a K6RPT-12 object at the launch site.  If you do a Screen / Follow / Find of K6RPT-12 again, you should pick up the real balloon.

      There's a ToDo item to fix object commandeering.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      On 12/2/2012 10:14 PM, Greg D wrote:
      Ok, so here's a puzzle...

      I did a multi-track on K6RPT-12 before going out for dinner, and when I return, there's a new window with K6RPT-12 in the center.  Yea!

      BUT it's still showing at the launch site.  APRS.FI shows it's really in flight, heading slightly South of East.  Why hasn't my window updated?

      I'm connected (or should be) to noam.aprs2.net, on the filtered port.  It says "OK".  I have not messed with any of the filters, since APRSIS/32 usually does a perfectly fine job without me messing things up.

      Why no motion?

      Greg  KO6TH

      Steve Daniels wrote:



      Steve Daniels

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      I've moved the ko6th iGate to noam.aprs2.net from firenet.us.  If it comes this way, I'm ready.  (last time there was another outage of some sort, and I missed it...)

      Greg  KO6TH

      p.s. firenet still said "APRS-IS OK", but all the info from IS was at least 11hrs old.

      kc8sfq@... wrote:


      APRS.FI looks like it is there now, but nothing on CNSP web site. I'm looking forward to see if I can track it direct. If it goes north of their transatlantic shot, it might just come over here. Probably in the middle of the night.

      73 KC8SFQ

      > K6RPT is on the way to the launch site in California, those of you in the
      > states please try and track.

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