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20898KC9PON-11 Balloon paths with APRSIS32 screen capture

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  • Pat Ryan KC6VVT
    Nov 19, 2012
      A fellow APRSIS32 user, Kurt KB9RKU, demonstrated Screen-Appearance settings to me recently, and so I turned on this feature to view the local APRS network.

      What resulted today was an interesting APRS screen capture of the KC9PON-11 balloon flight yesterday taken from APRSIS32 Program here.

      Had the PATHS saved from my own reception at KC6VVT, and neighboring digipeater W9MKS-3, among others, and made a raytrace bitmap
      of the flight.

      Posting here in Photos section in a KC6VVT folder:
      KC9PON-11 Balloon paths

      2,673 KB


      73 de Pat KC6VVT