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20887RE: [aprsisce] Feature Request for support of Davis Weatherlink output

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  • KK4DFZ
    Nov 17, 2012

      What would be involved for the station operator with this approach? I’ll be running an old XP desktop for starters.


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      Subject: RE: [aprsisce] Feature Request for support of Davis Weatherlink output



      I could probably write a LUA script to do the conversion.

      Lynn intends to support LUA scripting within APRSIS at some point


      Steve Daniels


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      Subject: [aprsisce] Feature Request for support of Davis Weatherlink output



      Hi Lynn,

      Any chance of adding an additional text format to the weather input options?

      I'm trying to create a wxnow.txt file with Davis Weatherlink software so that I can accept weather data from a Vantage Pro 2 console into APRSIS32 and broadcast an APRS weather report via RF. My problem (other than not being a programmer) is that the Davis weather tags create output data with different formats than those used in wxnow.txt. Date structures, decimal places and other elements don't match up and I'm being told that it would require C++ or Javascript programming to convert them during their generation to the desired form.

      Such wizardry is beyond my powers. As Harry Callahan said, a man has got to know his limitations. But if APRSIS32 can parse a wxnow.txt file, maybe it could be made to read something created with the Weatherlink tags? I know some work has been done with the serial cable output from other Davis units, but for those with the Weatherlink IP setup I don't know any other way to get from the weather station to APRS RF.

      I can provide an .htx template and the corresponding .html output file with all of the Davis weather tags if you or anyone else is interested.


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