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20737Re: [aprsisce] Beginners guide to setting up an Igate

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  • James Ewen
    Nov 3, 2012
      There's nothing to do to get the i-gate running. APRSISCE/32 is an
      internet centric program, and as such it EXPECTS to have internet
      access all the time.

      If you add an RF port, by default it ends up being an i-gate. There
      are settings that you can modify to stop the program from acting as an

      Check the wiki for how to set up an RF port.

      This program is kind of backwards from every other APRS program in
      that respect. The RF portion is the add-on part. Most others are RF
      centric with an internet add-on.

      On 11/3/12, Tony VE6MVP <tony@...> wrote:
      > Folks
      > I can't recall what I did to get my iGate going. Poked around some I
      > guess. A localish amateur is wanting to also setup an iGate and
      > he's having some troubles. Which might be his own setup too.
      > Is there a checklist or beginners guide to setting up an iGate? I
      > couldn't see such on the Wiki page.
      > I've suggested he join this mailing list but thought I'd get the
      > conversation going before he reads my email and joins up.
      > Tony

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