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20389Re: [aprsisce] WebDT 366 basic setup?

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  • Tony VE6MVP
    Oct 4, 2012
      At 06:59 AM 2012-10-04, James Ewen wrote:

      > But I couldn't set my location to anything reasonable because the OSM
      > files weren't found and the map was blank. So I didn't want to set my
      > location to a random point although I guess I could've.

      Didn't have your WIFI enabled? APRSISCE automatically goes out and
      grab the tiles from the OSM servers as required.

      But the WebDT I have only supports WEP or no encryption so I'm not willing to setup my network in such a fashion until I get another Wireless Access Point.  I wanted to use the OSM files that I had already accumulated in my laptop.

      > BTW don't forget to add the info about the Prolific 2303 being the only
      > serial port adapter for which the WebDT 366 has drivers.

      I'll have to figure out where to put that...

      ???  There's a page specific to the WebDT.

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