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20337Minor??? Feature Change

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  • Mark Petiford
    Oct 1, 2012
      This is NOT a high priority.

      Background:  When starting or stopping the program, and at one-hour intervals, APRSIS32 sends an i-gate capabilities packet to the IS.

      i.e.:  KE6BB>APWW10,TCPIP*,qAC,T2CMH:<IGATE,MSG_CNT=20,...

      Annoyance:  When beaconing is disabled to the IS, the i-gate capabilities packet is also disabled.

      Request:  Always send the i-gate capabilities packet to the IS even when IS beaconing is disabled (or give the user the option to do so).

      Rationale:  If you are running an i-gate, then, by definition, there is an IS connection, so always send the capabilities packet there.  I like to keep IS beaconing disabled so that I can monitor RF health of my station on aprs.fi.  Aprs.fi will not record/display the RF beacons if the beacon is first received on the IS.

      I think we discussed this a long time ago, and you deferred it until you ripped into the ports.  Sounds like that may be happening now, but I was not sure it was important enough that it ever made it to a list, though.  This is NOT meant to affect ?IGATE? queries.