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2006RE: [aprsisce] Closer and closer to a full "APRS" solution...

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Jul 9, 2010
      Now I understand the "chasing bears" status.

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      On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 1:11 PM, Tim N9PUZ <tim.n9puz@...> wrote:

      > Nice track!

      For those interested in a quick snippet of the photos...


      This flight was part of a Space Camp put on by the local University
      for Junior High School students. The kids got to make space suits for
      their astronauts (Stuffed Bears), which were lifted into near space.
      The kids get to take their bears home as a keepsake. They get to see
      what their bears could have seen from the near reaches of outerspace.

      This is the fun part of the hobby. Getting to use the neat toys we
      have access to in order to get kids excited about science and school.
      They see real world applications of the boring stuff they have to read
      in their school books.

      Making education FUN!

      (And Lynn makes chasing bears easy with APRS-ISCE/32!)


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