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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Sep 14 6:36 AM
    I guess I left a bit out. I do watch AIS activity on a couple of different websites. That part is easy. Try and get the data to display in another application is more difficult. For instance, I would like to read all data and display what I wish to see on APRSIS32. That is the difficult part. Even if I could put up a successful AIS receiver, I would only be able to see data from the service(s) I decide to feed. Getting the data to display in APRSIS32 is easy. Getting the data is difficult.
    If you watch the various AIS websites closely, you will see, on occasion, a vessel on one website but not another. I suspect this is due to a private receiver only sending data to the one server. Even on APRS.FI, not all vessels are shown. Sadly not all receiver station operators are uploading data to it. Europe has a boatload of receivers operating.
    One of the websites I like is http://www.vesselfinder.com. This site actually will use (create?) a icon to match the vessel dimensions. Zoom in and look careful at the icons. You should notice the blue triangle and the larger gray polygon. The AIS data can show antenna location in relationship to the overall vessel. The AIS data is packed with various bits of fun. Check out the two attached PNGs and you can see the GPS antenna location with the outline of the vessel.
    One vessel I track normally is Liberty Service. It is a ocean going tug (image attached). It is often seen pushing the barge KE5KTU-9. The barge moves between Albany NY, NYC NY, Boston MA, Portland ME and a point further north. I usually follow KE5KTU-9 in a Multitrack window with nautical tiles.
    Best regards,
    Fred, N7FMH

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    Fred N7FMH wrote...

    > In general, the AIS data is big business. Everyone wants to sell it to
    > you. I am still looking for a data source in my price range just for
    > my personal viewing pleasure.

    Do you have a smart phone? There are freebie apps and others for
    just a few dollars that will allow you to view AIS data.

    If you are home, you could go somewhere like Marine Traffic, or
    of course just get an AIS receiver. It's their app that I have on my


    73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
    "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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