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2005Re: Closer and closer to a full "APRS" solution...

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  • gsdatplace
    Jul 8, 2010
      > I missed the launch, but I've attached the GPX file resulting from "Save
      > Track" on the balloons popup menu. Not quite the file logging you want,
      > but at least it's the track!

      I'll have to send you some pics, there were two HD cameras on board taking pics every 15 seconds, one out the bottom one out the side, some great shots, even passed through a couple of jet trails...

      > I've got these two on the list. On the APRS server, is it ok to be
      > receive-only, or does it need to accept position beacons from the local
      > client(s)?

      Receive only is fine, I only used UI-view on this flight to log all the incoming data to a playable log file, which I'll have to playback through balloon track to build a flight log, (it can load packet data files as well which is what I'm really after) and to take all the incoming packets from AGWPE Pro and the APRS feed and pass them to balloon track via a local server. so basically if any incoming packets on any "port" and APRS-IS can be logged to a file and also made accessable via a TCPIP port it would replace UI-View completly.

      The tracks were wonderful for getting a idea of where it was going to land, better than anything I've used before, the only two issues I found on this flight:
      1. The speed readout on the screen seems to only be in MPH regardless of the mph/kph setting, not a big issue but a observation.
      2. I had a wireless router connected to a wireless network adapter in the back of the truck which I connected to, well wirelessly. If I had a connection to the router, but it didn't have a internet connection, and APRS-IS was enabled in the settings, APRSISCE32 would hang on starting then crash, I had to disable my wireless connection to get it running...

      Thanks again for all your work Lynn.

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