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19709RE: [aprsisce] OT Just to make Lynn Jealous

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  • Steve Daniels
    Sep 1, 2012
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      If you are ever in my area of the UK the last week of August is good. The Red Arrows ( UK equivalent of the Blue Angels) Say it’s the best place in the world to view their display. The Valley has steep sides so you can be above the air displays.

      Steam train ride for the first half has the coast on the left and second half the Dart Estuary on the right. And then of course you could take the ferry up the river, the Steam Train arrives at the quayside.

      It was mentioned I missed out lifeboats, all I can say is I was served drinks on the yacht by a Retired Commodore who is the safety manager for Brixham Life Boat Station.

      The following link is a video of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, taken stood on the yacht hence the shaky camera work.



      The Comment from Fred is down to the fact that he lives close to Boston , and I mentioned that a perfectly good harbour was ruined  by Tea being thrown in it.


      Steve Daniels


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      Sounds WONDERFUL!


      Been to the UK , but sounds like I have really missed out  :-(

      Maybe next time . . .  


      Robert Giuliano



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      Went into town and caught a steam train to Kingswear (7 mile trip), walked about 100ft and sat on a Yacht to watch the Air Show for the Dartmouth Regatta.

      If any of you come to the UK I recommend it


      Steve Daniels


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