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19607WX without customized comment

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  • sq5nwi
    Aug 28, 2012
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      my friend started to prepare to complete swap of his DIGI/IGate/WX station from UI-View to APRSIS32 and mostly he achieved working configuration, but one thing is not solved due to internal limitation in APRSIS32.

      He wanted to keep WX station beacons with his own comment which should be added to each weather packet like UI-View does, but this is not possible - Comment field in WX object configuration is not active.

      Is it possible to set such Comment or can it be modified in some of next releases?

      Here you have an example of APRSIS32 and UI-View packets where you can clearly see what is missing in APRSIS32 packet, well at least missing for my friend.

      2012-08-27 09:05:09 UTC: SR5NLK>APWW10,WIDE2-2,qAR,SQ5OCH:/271104z5222.73N/02055.28E_293/002g006t061r000p010P000b10089h92/fWD
      2012-08-27 09:08:24 UTC: SR5NLK>APU25N,WIDE2-2,qAR,SR5GK-2:@270908z5222.73N/02055.27E_270/006g012t062r000p008P000b10090h92/fWD/- Weather - Jablonna - WS2300

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