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1960Re: [aprsisce] Windows Mobile Devices this program operates on?

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Jun 30, 2010
      APRSISCE currently requires Windows Mobile 5 or 6 to run. I plan to
      work on a CE 3.0 and CE 5.0 version when I get back in the country
      (track KJ4ERJ-12) and clear up the 4 week work backlog (that'll probably
      take 6-8 weeks).

      Lynn (D) - EA2/KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      Gary wrote:
      > Is there a listing of Windows Mobile Devices this program operates on?
      > I looked in the files section but found none there. Tried a message search but no real luck.
      > I have access to a iPAQ 3670 with Windows CE 3.0 on it but suspect from some messages its a bit old for this program.
      > I have a Argent Data Tracker 2 and want to have a mobile display.
      > Short of installing a netbook or dedicated auto computer with a touch screen what iPAQ's and other devices will work?
      > I wear contacts so too small of a screen will not do for me without readers and you don't want me driving about with those on ;)
      > Gary Fiber K8IZ
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