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187Re: [aprsisce] Wishlist

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Jan 5, 2010
      g4ilo wrote:
      > One of the things I really liked about the iBCNU application for iPhone is that it displayed your current grid locator. This would be really useful for portable / rover operation. Is that possible in the future?

      Being only a recently licensed (1 year) and even more recently HF
      licensed (3 monhts) amateur operator, I only recently even learned what
      a "grid locator" IS! There is code in there to "notice" Maidenhead
      locators if included in a status (>) packet, but it doesn't even
      calculate the lat/lon for it (yet). I'll see if I can find code to
      convert lat/lon to grid locator and put it in there somewhere.

      > The other thing that would be nice would be the ability to create APRS objects.

      I purposely had object creation lower on my list than getting some form
      of RF interface working. APRS-IS-injected objects don't appear on RF
      unless you happen to be friends with (or ARE) the local IGate operator.
      Once I put APRSISCE/32 "on the air" with RF, objects become much more

      In the meantime, you can actually send an object to another APRSISCE/32
      user! I support the "Item In Message" format described in

      Basically, send an APRSISCE/32 user an APRS message where the text is
      actually a slightly modified Item definition. For instance, if you send
      a message in the form


      Where NAME is the object name, DDMM.mmN is the lat, / is the symbol
      table, DDDMM.mmW is the lon, $ is the symbol, and text is the
      description, the specify symbol under the name and description will
      appear on the recipient's APRISCE/32 map. (lat/lon are in decimal
      minutes as per standard APRS nomenclature).

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

      PS. Here's a few examples from a recent geo-caching excursion I did
      with the stages of a multi-step puzzle cache...

      )GC1NA0P-P!2759.10N\08034.39WPJordan's Logic Parking
      )GC1NA0P!2758.44N/08033.85W.Jordan's Logic D3.5 T4.5
      )GC1NAQ9!2758.87N/08033.73W.After the Fires D1.5 T2.5
      )GREEN!2758.43N/08033.87W/Saw Palmeto
      )BLUE!2758.44N/08033.87W/Saw Palmetto
      )RED!2758.42N/08033.85W/Saw Palmeto


      PPS. What's cool is that the object will show up on ALL of your
      APRSISCE/32 clients EXCEPT the one that sent the message. I really need
      to do something about that also, I want to be able to put objects on MY
      OWN MAP for geocaching!
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