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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    Jun 1, 2012
      On 6/1/2012 7:59 PM, James Ewen wrote:
      > On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 9:41 AM, Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)<kj4erj@...> wrote:
      >> PS. Sorry for the delay in answering, but I'm on vacation and only
      >> process e-mail during breaks. Sometimes I might miss a message or two.
      > Sounds like a tough vacation if you have to take breaks from it!

      Let's see:

      Monday: 6.2 mile hike along the Appalachian Trail and SOTA activation
      from Clingman's Dome

      Tuesday: White Water rapids trip, Bush's Beans gift shop, Clint's BBQ

      Wednesday: 11 mile loop 2 hour bike ride through Cades Cove and
      subsequent drive through gravel/dirt mountain roads, Early Father's Day
      rack of ribs

      Thursday: Drop son for another White Water trip, drive up into the
      mountains for a picnic with my wife, see live Elk in Chatahoochee, see
      Synchronized Fireflies at the peak of their activity

      Friday: So far: walked off my legs & hips, talked out my voice, worked
      out my arms, wore out my seat & legs, stayed up late, and put more miles
      on non-paved roads than the pioneers - Yep, time for a break

      Saturday: Planned pontoon boating on Douglas Lake, Maybe geocaching,
      evening Mass

      Sunday: Road trip from Galinburg to Johnstown, PA

      Next week: Maybe triple SOTA activation of W3/SV-001, SV-003, and
      SV-004. Travel back home.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
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