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18218RE: [aprsisce] Re: DF Manual "foxhunting" broke?

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Jun 1, 2012
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      Sigh? This is a work in progress and each feature takes time to put together. Much of it is based on how it is used and how often. I think you are the first to mention a " *.pos file of FCC DF station". Now that you have added more comment, more work may be done. How soon, is anyone's guess. For myself, when I get an RDF running, I would love to see an interface for it. But which unit gets focus? It doesn't seem like any of them are the "standard".
      Best regards,
      Fred, N7FMH

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      Part II
      Note that there is a HFDF range limit of 512 mile maximum, which would seem to me that it would limit a line drawn from a DF station to the fox, or target.
      There is no way to edit that, and enter a known or approximate distance to extend any line of bearing from the DF station to any crossing point of other DF lines that should appear, or not.

      As an example, I uploaded a *.pos file of FCC DF station, easily converted them to objects by clicking on each (Very Well Done, Lynn) and entered a bearing. Alas, the created DF station object refused to compute the reciprocal bearing to ME when I centered the Multi-track map on the DF Station object and picked ME as the target. Sigh.

      73 de Pat KC6VVT

      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "Pat KC6VVT Assistant SEC/IL" <kc6vvt@...> wrote:
      > Say I created some objects, from a network of local or distant DF stations, and entered the manual bearings, quality and estimated range/distance with each object station. Signal strength is not a choice that I could guess at, but would be nice to have.
      > Then I select a Multi-track map, and add the DF station objects.
      > Using the object editor, I select the DF button, opening the new menu for the object to enter the updated bearing or azimuth data.
      > I expected a line to be drawn in the bearing azimuth from that DF object station, and others, that would theoretically cross at the fox location. At least it does in APRS Dos.
      > Nothing happened, no lines, no nothing. Is Manual DF broke now?
      > Shouldn't the APRSIS32 program visually display that line of bearing information from each DF object?
      > Did I forget something else that needs to be enabled to get DF to work?
      > 73 de Pat KC6VVT

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