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18207Re: Kantronics KISS ON/OFF scripts

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  • Pat KC6VVT Assistant SEC/IL
    Jun 1, 2012
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      Thanks, Lee K5DAT
      3.9MB for what are essentially just text commands to a KPC TNC? d:D This should be interesting to see. Downloading att, and hope to review.
      What version software embedded in your KPC 9612 PLUS? I have an older one I would like to try out as a dual band APRS digipeater, and recall that this model TNC needs a dual command separated by a slash on each command line.
      Not good for a KPC-3 version, that is.
      73 de Pat KC6VVT

      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, Lee D Bengston <kilo5dat@...> wrote:
      > Greetings. For those interested in a little help with getting APRSIS32 up
      > and running with a Kantronics KPC3+ or KPC-9612+, I have posted for
      > download a script package for Windows at the following link:
      > http://www.175moonlight.com/APRS/K5DAT-KPC-KISS-scripts-2012-05-31.zip
      > There's a readme file included that explains further. Basically there is a
      > script that puts the TNC in KISS mode (with a few additional capabilities),
      > another script that takes it out of KISS mode, and a 3rd that prompts the
      > user for the applicable COM port and baud rate and saves that information
      > for the other 2 scripts to use.
      > The scripts were written in Perl and converted to executables using the
      > "PAR-Packer" module. In theory, they should work without the need to
      > install ActivePerl in Windows - in other words just double-click the exe
      > file to use it.
      > A few caveats - I've only tested in Windows XP, and I didn't uninstall
      > ActivePerl on my machine and test the exe files without it. Therefore the
      > first users will be guinea pigs. Also, the first time you run each
      > executable file, there will be a delay before it starts as it is
      > decompressing some embedded items including the original perl script.
      > Finally, I have only tested with a KPC9612+, but from what I have gathered
      > from the user manuals, the commands are identical.
      > Regards,
      > Lee - K5DAT
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