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155Re: [aprsisce] APRSIS32 curiosity to me

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Dec 30, 2009
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      Long answer: I'm hoping to latch onto some image rotation code to do the
      same thing with APRSISCE, but for now it just shows the simple icon. In
      addition, I'm hoping to do a dead-reckoning forecast of current position
      based on the previous heading and speed. I'll probably fade out the
      forecast icon and connect it to the last known position with a line in

      Short answer: it's on the ToDo list!

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

      PS. Coincidentally, I was also watching this evening as the icon
      changed from phone to SUV and the beacon rate slowed down. I have
      u/APWW*/APWM* in one of my filter strings to get a feel for how many
      people are actually using the client at any point in time. You can add
      the same and you'll see APRSISCE/32 users wherever they are.

      David Shrum wrote:
      > Tonight I was tracking my son, W8TVI-12 with the APRSIS32 DeskTop version
      > and with http://aprs.fi/ using Google maps; what I noticed with Google maps
      > the SUV icon would show the direction of travel with the icon, but the
      > APRSIS32 program, while keeping his icon centered, it didn't show the
      > direction to travel in relationship to the map. Like I said, it was nothing
      > more than curiosity to me.
      > Dave N8PU
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