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  • James Ewen
    Feb 2, 2012
      On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 8:22 PM, kc2nyu <eckerpw@...> wrote:

      > Sometimes best way to learn is to jump into deep end with all clothes on.

      That often leads to a lot of splashing and carrying on as well!

      Have a look and see what you've been up to in a little better than a
      day... 211 packets gated to the net already.


      You can see that there are users in the area that are making use of your i-gate.

      Now your next task is to see if you can educate your neighbor KW4B
      that a digipeater shouldn't use an outgoing path of WIDE1-1. WIDE1-1
      should only be used by low powered stations that need help getting
      into the local digipeaters. Home stations should never run with
      WIDE1-1 in their path. A digipeater should NEVER need help from a home
      fill-in station. If the digipeater needs help from a home fill-in
      station to be heard, then it really should be turned off. Main
      digipeaters need to be situated where they can hear for a good
      distance around them. Just like a voice repeater, putting a digipeater
      in a spot where it can't hear anything is a waste of time.

      If you look at the packets of KW4B, you can see that with the path he
      is using, it was hit or miss as to whether the packets made it to the
      internet. Once your i-gate came online, the graphs jump up because he
      can get to the internet through your gate.


      This digipeater is using a path of simply WIDE1-1. It should be
      changed to something like WIDE2-1. The same goes for his other
      digipeater KW4B-1. He's currently using a path of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 over
      there. The WIDE1-1 needs to go.

      We're getting away from APRSISCE/32 specific things, and really
      wandering into general APRS theory, so it's about time to tie the
      ribbons on this thread.

      Go play with APRSISCE/32, and have a look at all the bells and
      whistles available now that you have gotten started learning the
      basics of APRS operations.

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