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14970Re: WINE - Windows Emulator for Android?

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  • w7boz
    Jan 4, 2012
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      I guess we can agree to disagree. I see (almost) everything I want to see with Aprisce and the log files. So we can agree to disagree. Maybe you can post a "Wish list" of exactly what you would like. With all the new features that have been added, I am very pleased. When was the last time you tried the Development release of Aprisce?


      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Bruninga" <bruninga@...> wrote:
      > > Now why would I want to downgrade from a wonderful graphics
      > > display, with GPS, Maps, Icons, etc,etc..... To old school
      > > text display? I love Aprisce!
      > It's not a downgrade. It's an enhancement. I find that more often than
      > not, I am more interested in looking at tabular groupings of APRS data than
      > just staring at a map and having to mouse around clicking at 300 or more
      > local symbols like turning over rocks looking for crawdads.
      > The organization and manipulation of TABULAR data is a very valuable
      > capability in addition to a map. I like to look at:
      > Stations sorted by distance,
      > Stations sorted by callsign
      > Stations sorted by symbol (Mobiles or Igates etc
      > Stations sorted by type (all the EX or digis etc)
      > Radio types
      > Comment TEXT
      > Frequencies
      > Paths
      > PHG
      > And any of the other dozens of categories of APRS data.
      > Only by seeing all stations of the same dimension at once in tabular format
      > can I get the big picture at a glance. Then if I want to see where they are
      > distributed, I might go mouse around on the map a bit. I generally cannot
      > get a good overall real-time grasp of APRS data on the air by looking at
      > maps and clicking at little clouds.
      > There are just too many icons not really doing anything. Just sitting
      > there. And without the 8 color attributes in the original APRS, I cannot
      > even tell by looking without clicking on each one.
      > I get my mind's eye grasp of what people are doing at a glance by looking at
      > and manipulating rows and columns of data. APRS data was intended to reveal
      > everything about what is happening on the air. Not just a one dimensional
      > symbol on a map. That is the problem with most follow-on APRS software, it
      > focuses on the map instead of the dozens of other dimensions of data.
      > I was shocked when APRSISCE, our latest great hope of getting beyond UIview,
      > omits such a valuable window on the world of these other APRS fundamental
      > dimensions,
      > > I can use my D7A if I want basic text information.
      > That seems strange. To have to carry the power of APRSISCE in hand, and yet
      > have to also carry a 14 year old radio just to get an easy tabular look at
      > the data because APRSISCE has only a map based GUI.
      > Bob, WB4APR
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