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14907Re: [aprsisce] Re-purpose old phones, WAS: WINE - Windows Emulator for Android?

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  • Bob Bruninga
    Dec 31, 2011
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      >> It's beginning to sound like Bob's station
      >> list feature would be useful...

      > A 320x240 screen that a typical phone has isn't
      > enough to even consider a tabular presentation of
      > station data. 

      Kenwood and Yaesu seem to have figured it out and do it very well.. On the D7 for nearly 14 years now, we have had an EXCELLENT STATION list that works perfectly on a 3 line by 12 character display.

      With the joy stick, it is easy and pleasant to navigate through the 5 screens-wide by 40 screens deep of VERY useful data. Has been for over a decade. Now with the D72, and the SAME SCREEN, it is just as easy to joy stick around the now 9 screens wide by 100 screens deep wealth of station and object info.

      > neither would 19 columns of data be all that useful,
      > even if it was sortable.

      Sorry. I disagree. I stopped using APRSISCE after a day because there was no access to data... just maps. Made it too hard to see what people were really doing (in a meaningful data kinda way) like the other tens of thousands of us are used to with the APRS MObile and Handheld radios.

      Bob, WB4APR
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