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14460FTM-350 port and NMEA

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  • n5dtx
    Dec 7, 2011

      Good morning group, I have a question regarding the FTM-350 and APRS32: 

      Using the FTM-350 with the 1.3 firmware, should I be able to receive both NMEA packets AND simultaneously receive stations via the FTM-350 configured port in APRS32?  If the answer is no you can stop reading and send me on my way.

      This installation will be used for receive only as I understand the limitations of the FTM-350.

      When I first execute a fresh copy of APRS32 I receive NMEA strings and the GPS works fine.  After I configure the FTM-350 port, I receive stations and they fill the screen but I lose the GPS fix.  I have played with what seems to be every possible toggle with both the NMEA and FTM-350 ports and I can make each of them work independently but not at the same time.  I have worn out the radio manual and even tried another computer.  I am hoping that it is just as simple as that 999th scenario that I have not thought to try. 

      I have read back through all of the FTM-350 and NMEA posts from the last two years and I found a similar discussion from Dec. 10, 2010 but there was never a post regarding a resolution.  (I learned some great unrelated tidbits from this reading exercise that provide insight related to some of my other radios)

      Any recommendations will be most appreciated!

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