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13738RE: [aprsisce] local airports

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  • Bob Bruninga
    Nov 7, 2011
      > Good morning..Any idea if local county municiapl
      > airports transmit any aprs data?

      Our hope is that every airport area has access to APRS so that travelers can
      whip out their HT, and get into the network. As such, I always pull out my
      HT and make a report on the APRSSIG whenever I visit an airport and cannot
      hear or hit anything.

      I was amazed at Chicago Ohare, I heard no APRS at all. But then I was on
      the first floor.

      At one time we started a list of airports and their APRS status... But Im
      not sure I can find it. But we do maintain a list of National parks and
      their coverage:


      When people go traveling, is when they mighrt make use of APRS the most. So
      we should make special efforts to makes sure critical travel areas are
      covered. Such as the parks and the Airports.

      Bob, WB4APR
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