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13725Re: [aprsisce] Re: TNC Wiki - Kenwood TM-D710 Port (APRS mode)

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  • Kai Gunter Brandt
    Nov 7, 2011
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      On 11/06/2011 03:20 PM, ae5jo wrote:
      > It is possible also to have the DM-D700 or TH-D7 in APRS mode, then have the software switch the radio to Packet mode, load up then configure the TNC automatically, similar to the config settings Billy posted, but you have to remember to disable the port before closing APRSIS32 to return the radio to APRS configuration. I will try to find them again.. otherwise Lynn... I emailed them to you about a year or so... maybe you still have them?
      > 73
      > John
      > AE5JO

      You do not need to put the radio in TNC mode. You can receive stations
      in APRS mode and you can also send/receive messages and still be using
      i.e APRSISCE just like the TM-D710 if Lynn do a small change in the

      I don't remember if it's possible to i.e send a object etc from the
      software without leaving the APRS mode with the TS/TC command but i can
      check this when i'm home from work.

      Lynn did you get the e-mail from me with more details? I used the yahoo
      group to send the message so i'm not sure if it worked ok.

      Kai Gunter
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