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13669Re: [aprsisce] Re: TNC Wiki - Kenwood TM-D710 Port (APRS mode)

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  • Bill Vodall
    Nov 4, 2011
      > >
      > > > Kenwood needs to be in "Packet" mode to be controlled by
      > > > outside program. Has Lynn made a work around for this?

      > >. It is possible on the D700 and D7 (same TNC) to drop out of TNC control mode into radio control mode in either of the TNC conditions (packet or APRS) via the serial port as long as KISS is not enabled.

      Actually it's a known bug in the Kenwood's KISS implementation that it
      will respond to the radio control commands that are part of a KISS
      packet data field. The WL2K dev team discovered this. Their
      software and the BPQ32 packet stack have coded a KISS escape function
      that prevents this from happening.

      Yes - a beacon with the right asci text could theoretically remotely
      kick Kenwood radios out of Kiss mode and maybe ever change their

      Bill - WA7NWP
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