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13596TNC Wiki - Kenwood TM-D710 Port (APRS mode)

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  • Stan Leeds
    Nov 2 5:51 PM
      After seeing Steve's, G6UIM re-rendition of the Wiki page (looks good so far), I also visited the http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/port:kenwood-tm-d710
      Kenwood TM-D710 Port (APRS mode).

      It seemed it needed some menu options from the radio, so I thought I'd pass them on.

      [603] WAYPOINT
      FORMAT: Options are Kenwood, NMEA, Magellan
      NAME: Options are 6-CHAR, thru 9-CHAR
      OUTPUT: Options are ALL, LOCAL, FILTERED

      [604] COM PORT
      OUTPUT: Options are ON & OFF

      So for this Wiki page, my suggestions are:
      [603] WAYPOINT
      FORMAT: Kenwood
      NAME: 9-CHAR
      [604] COM PORT
      OUTPUT: ON

      My question is: What mode does the TNC on the radio need to be in when you connect?

      I have also tried the CONVERSE mode of talking with the radio, per a previous message from Lynn, which puts APRS32 in control of all functions and it seemed to worked.  But I have to revisit it to see what it was I did to make it work.

      I'm wanting both options to select for different purposes.

      Stan, KC7EHJ

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