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13544Re: [aprsisce] RFONLY OBJECTS

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  • Charles Blackburn
    Nov 1, 2011
      oh i agree and in fact we have 3-4 wl2k nodes here, i purposly put out those
      to RF for that reason

      all my objcts that I generate are sent out as wide1-1 so they stay in the
      local area and dont contribute to the "spam" that comes out of orlando HIHI

      as far as too many objects again, I agree and that is a problem im going to
      be facing shortly when we merge the two digi's we have here (north and south
      daytona) into one conglomerated site which is going to be about 200 feet on
      top of a condo next to our packet switch. such a high site is going to get
      hammered by the above packets from 2 counties over.

      re Info service, I actually have written a program for linux that actually
      listens for an aprs message packet on an ssid that will basically be an
      actual information server, where visitors can get local information such as
      meeting times for local clubs and nets etc. that's a work in progress and is
      similar to the QRU server (i think it is) that lynns working on

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