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13542RE: [aprsisce] RFONLY OBJECTS

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  • Bob Bruninga
    Nov 1 9:42 AM
      Yes, Seeing them on RF is the goal. Since that is where the mobles are
      driving around and need to see what is around them. But it is nice to also
      see them on the APRS-IS.

      The reason you may have been confused is that the converse is less
      desireable. That is, it is so easy to write PC applications to put all
      kinds of neat local objects on the APRS-IS, but then these never get back to
      RF where the rubber mneets the road so to speak.

      Examples of these are Echolink, IRLP and Winlink nodes which are easy to
      generate from one site globally on the APRS-IS, but they do not get back to
      RF anywhere unless each local IGATES SYSOP manually configures his IGate for
      each set of objects to take them from the APRS-IS back to RF. In most
      cases, this never happens. Hence... the value of doing like you are doing,
      and generating them locally on RF first.

      But do not error with too many such local objects. They take away from
      channel capacity (unless they are originated FROM THE DIGI HARSWARE itself
      and only DIRECT). Then and only then, do they not collide with any users).

      Thanks for helping your area to be an INFO Service to mobiles instead of an
      APRS deadzone of a bunch of deaf and blind trackers.

      Bob, Wb4APR

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      i didnt think that was the done thing, but sure I can just take out rfonly.
      not a big deal to me and i had that at first.



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