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  • Charles Blackburn
    Oct 31, 2011
      I have set some objects to be RFONLY in the path as they're local things and
      imho that's the way objects should be. They should stay on RF.

      One thing I noticed was that although I wasn't putting them onto the IS,
      other stations were. So looking through the spec I saw that I can put
      "RFONLY" in the path and that should fix it. Again, I'm getting back up to
      speed on the path stuff :P

      Anyways... lynn.. the one thing I did notice was that if I put it in
      lowercase, then they ignored it and passed it to the IS,

      2011-11-01 04:33:03 UTC:

      But put it in uppercase (try searching for n4wkq-4) they didn't. I figure
      it's just a minor thing to force paths to be upper case. That would
      eliminate stupid people like me from doing lowercase paths that get ignored
      because it's not "up to snuff".

      I've set all my objects to RFONLY now, so hopefully they should drop off
      aprs.fi..... anyone know the timeout for stuff to disappear on there ? if it
      does at all?
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