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12885Re: [aprsisce] Request GPS sharing

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  • James Ewen
    Oct 3, 2011
      On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 7:59 PM, Bob Burns W9RXR <w9rxr_@...> wrote:

      > That's my understanding, though I've never used the feature. I wish
      > James or someone more familiar with it would chime in. Here's what
      > the UI-View help file says:

      Here I was being a nice guy letting you show your smarts... of course,
      had I read the next part of your email, I wouldn't have a copy of the
      same information in my clipboard... duh!

      Lynn, hopefully the information copied out of the UI-View help files
      describes the concept enough.

      UI-View just takes the GPS data received on one port, and feeds that
      data out a second serial port. The outbound GPS port can be a real
      physical port, or a virtual port. To use a virtual serial port, one
      needs to run a serial port virtualization tool, such as the ones
      already mentioned.

      One has to have the virtual com port active so that UI-View can find
      the virtual port, and use it. To UI-View, a virtual com port looks
      just like a real com port. The virtual port can simply reflect that
      virtual port back into the machine as yet another virtual serial port
      which you can then point a second application at to gather GPS data.
      Some virtual serial port drivers can create multiple output streams
      from one input feed as well.

      All of that is outside of what APRSISCE/32 would need to do, which is
      simply take the GPS input strings and feed them back out a second
      serial port. It would be up to the user to provide the outgoing serial
      port to APRSISCE/32.

      Sorry for disappearing on you, but I was tearing the roof off the
      neighbor's house on Saturday, and dismantling a tower on Sunday...

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