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1288Re: Kenwood Development Release

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  • jandgandjochem
    May 1, 2010
      Where can I download the development release for the Kenwood TM-D710.

      Love to try it but can't find it in the files section and the "about" button gives "Verified"



      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "Lynn W. Deffenbaugh" <kj4erj@...> wrote:
      > To any of you that have a Kenwood D710,
      > I just posted a development release that includes support for the
      > Kenwood D710 in both Packet (Kenwood) and KISS mode. I've hard-coded
      > (for now) the initialization strings and de-initialization strings that
      > drive the TNC as required to do the work. The Kenwood mode
      > theoretically enables GPS data to come in alongside the TNC data and it
      > will get parsed. I don't DO anything with it, but I theoretically
      > detect it and parse it.
      > If anyone has a GPS connected to their D710 and is using it in UI-View,
      > I'd appreciate it if you can give this version a try and capture the
      > output of the [PortName] (see below) Trace Log and e-mail it to
      > KJ4ERJ@...
      > To download this development version, you must set <Update.Development>
      > to 1 in your XML file, then hit About.
      > To create a new RF port, select Configure / Ports / New Port. Select
      > the Type (Kenwood for the NMEA/D710 TNC data) and give the port a name
      > (that's the [PortName] above). Tell it No about a TCP/IP port and
      > configure your COM port appropriately. Then you need to Enables / RF
      > Ports / [PortName] to get it communicating. But BEFORE you do that,
      > toggle Enables / Logging / General + File so that the newly created
      > [PortName] Trace Log automatically opens and captures all of the startup
      > stuff.
      > You should see lots of command flying that set up the TNC (borrowed from
      > the TM-D710_KWD_UIV.CMD file) and then text for any packets received.
      > If you've got a GPS connected, you will (hopefully) see NMEA sentences
      > going by as well. That's what I'm after, so if you can hit the Copy
      > menu option on the Trace Log window and paste it into an e-mail, that'd
      > be wonderful!
      > If you have any questions, APRS message KJ4ERJ-12 as I have jury duty
      > starting tomorrow and don't know what Internet/E-mail access I'll have
      > but they said I can bring my cell phone.
      > I'll be watching for the early adopters to be upgrading to this
      > version! It's getting closer and closer to release. Now I need to put
      > in configuration options for all of the new port enables, port-specific
      > paths, and Open/Close command strings. You can see these in the XML
      > file between the <Port Name=xxxx> and </Port> elements. Yes, I'm now
      > nesting configuration parameters.
      > Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ
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