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11869Re: [aprsisce] Ctrl-Arrow Pans (Dev: 2011/08/24 23:56)

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    Aug 25, 2011
      Ok, so you don't want the screen to quit tracking center when you
      accidentally pan it, but you do want it to let you pan the map around
      without jumping back to center. And you don't want to tell the program
      that you're intentionally panning?

      Uncheck Screen / Follow / Locked (soon to toggle with the L key) and
      you'll be happy panning around the map with no worries of jumping back.
      And when you're done, just hit C and you're back to the centered station
      (which might be ME).

      At least, that's what it'll be soon.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      PS. I'd have to look back through the archives, but it might just have
      been you that complained that an inadvertent drag of the map "broke" the
      connection to keeping ME centered which introduced the whole "Locked"
      concept. Originally if you panned off of center, it would not go back
      to tracking the center until you explicitly told it to. And then too
      many people were touching the screen and wondering why it quit following
      them, or the station they were tracking.

      On 8/25/2011 10:42 PM, James Ewen wrote:
      > I found the return to center functionality to be very annoying while
      > driving. I was centered on me, and tried to pan using the keys. Silly
      > thing kept zipping back to where I was driving.
      > I had to use the mouse to change to pan mode and then was able to make
      > use of the keys.
      > Mark me down as 10 votes against leaving center enabled when using the
      > pan buttons.
      > James
      > VE6SRV
      > On 8/25/11, Stan Leeds<srkleeds@...> wrote:
      >> Never really used it for precise targeting, but it gave a close
      >> proximity of were the center of the screen was.
      >> Figured since it was there for panning with the mouse, so it could be
      >> there for the Ctrl-Arrows. Kinda categorize it under common functionality.
      >> Not a problem and not a priority.
      >> Stan, KC7EHJ
      >> On 8/25/2011 8:21 PM, Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
      >>> I considered that, but since they don't go at one pixel, I figured you
      >>> really can't use them to target anything in particular anyway. Do you
      >>> really think you can? Or why do you see a need for them? I think
      >>> they'll only lead to frustration when you can't get it to land the
      >>> right place and you'll end up reaching for the mouse/stylus anyway.
      >>> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
      >>> On 8/25/2011 7:40 PM, Stan Leeds wrote:
      >>>> Lynn,
      >>>> Possible to get the Cross-Hairs (when selected for Timed) when using
      >>>> the Ctrl-Arrows?
      >>>> Thanks,
      >>>> Stan, KC7EHJ
      >>>> On 8/25/2011 3:56 AM, Rick wrote:
      >>>>> Thanks Lynn for another improvement to the Program, This will make
      >>>>> the use of the netbook in the Mobile alot easier since I'm not
      >>>>> riding around with a mouse.
      >>>>> It works well on the netbook as well as my desktop.
      >>>>> Well done
      >>>>> Rick-kd4dra
      >>>>> --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com<mailto:aprsisce%40yahoogroups.com>,
      >>>>> "Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)"<kj4erj@...> wrote:
      >>>>>> I run 1920 x 1400 and 10 pixels works. Just hold the key down, it
      >>>>> gets
      >>>>>> going pretty fast.
      >>>>>> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
      >>>>>> On 8/25/2011 12:10 AM, Keehan Dowd wrote:
      >>>>>>> At about 11-08-24 09:58 PM, Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr) whilst
      >>>>> discussing
      >>>>>>> "[aprsisce] Ctrl-Arrow Pans (Dev: 2011/08/24 23:56)", wrote the
      >>>>>>> following:
      >>>>>>>> Ok, I know Control-Arrow isn't the easiest thing to hold, but
      >>>>> I'm doing
      >>>>>>>> this as a trial to see if 10 pixels per arrow key is good, bad, or
      >>>>>>>> otherwise.
      >>>>>>>> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
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